10 best unbreakable bongs for clumsy stoners

marijuana news online marijuana news online You’ll never suffer the heartbreak of broken glass again. marijuana news online Ham-handed stoners can still use a bong without living in constant fear of destroying a work of art. Silicone bongs can be dropped an infinite number of times, and still be no worse for the wear. The […]

Canadian military spends $170,000 on “weed googles” so soldiers can learn what it’s like to be high

Cannabis Lastest News   Cannabis Lastest News  The simulation includes lessons in short-term memory loss, altered visual perception, and a slowed reaction time. Cannabis Lastest News   Cannabis Lastest News Beer goggles are old news. Now, be on the lookout for “weed goggles.” There’s no question being high on weed can meddle with your five senses […]

Go Natural Pharmacy

Go Natural Pharmacy Go Natural Pharmacy  is an independent pharmacy that has been has serving the local community for 12+ years. We pride ourselves in our strong relationships and devotion to our patients. Having highly dedicated and passionate staff, we go the extra mile to ensure that our patients receive both the best service and possible […]

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