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While the smell and flavor both exceeded expectations, the indica dominace was definately noticeable. Although technically a hybrid, most consider this strain an indica, and with a breakdown of 95% indica, 5% sativa, you can see why. This in turn makes the strain a little heavy for daytime functionality. Recommended for for moderate to experienced smokers, primarily as an evening or day-off type of indica when strong relaxation is desired.

The high typically lasts 2-3 hours, and the Northern Lights strain has been proven effective in the treatment of stress, anxiety, nervousness, IBS, nausea, depression, chronic pain, back pain, arthritis, and other body-related issues. I also found it very helpful for insomnia issues, and this is now my go-to strain on those sleepless nights.

The only drawback of Northern Lights is that it is becoming quite rare to find the original strain. The majority of dispensaries are not selling the real thing; they are closely related hybrids, but not the true Northern Lights. So do your homework, talk to reputable people, and get your hands on this classic!

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Buy northern lights online

Buy northern lights online  (NL) is one of the most potent and famous indica strains. Even though there are a lot of copies circulating around with variations on the name, there are only 3 pure types from the original development of Northern Lights, which Sensi was lucky to acquire.Buy northern lights online

Buy northern lights online Historically, the NL 1, a longer, more stretchy type with a fresh scent and good bud formulation, was the basis of the NL cross that was sold as Sensi’s Northern Lights. Currently, the NL 5 has taken over the most important role in the cross. Because NL 5 adds potency and reduces flowering time, but is not dominant in taste and smell, it also plays a starring role in the overall breeding plan at the Cannabis Castle. It has functioned as a test case for many crosses. The f1 generation is very predictable, giving uniform results and passing uniformly onto its hybrids it parents. The NL 2 contributes to the overall vigor of the plant and strength of the high, also lending its spider mite resistance to the cross. Buy northern lights online

Buy northern lights online


Genetics: Afghani Indica

Origin: Afghanistan/Seattle

How Stoned Will You Get: 8.5

Average THC: 18-24%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Awards: 1989 HTCC, 1992 HTCC

Buy northern lights online

Buy northern lights online Medical Uses: Jettisoning tension and anxiety, discomfort and restlessness, Northern Lights fights off bouts of daily depression while stimulating hunger in those with a diminished appetite.Buy northern lights online

Taste: To taste her, is to love her — one light hit off a sweet and citrusy joint says it all. An earthbound flavor profile with hints of sweet pine, NL provides a savory smoking experience with a deep and resinous kick of fruit.Buy northern lights online

Perhaps the most popular characteristic concerning Northern Lights medicinal cannabis is the fact that is grows so easily. It’s a very good choice for beginner growers. Just remember that the buds you grow will be high in quality, not necessarily weight. You’ll experience mainly-Indica effects, blended with just enough Sativa uplifting to keep things interesting. Prepare to feel comfortably inactive and don’t be surprised if a semi-permanent sofalock results.

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