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    Product Type: Medical Marijuana

  • Benefits: physical body effects, rush of energy, sedating, headaches, nausea, depression
  • THC: 22-25%
  • Grow Method: Indoor

    buy og kush online
    Buy og kush online at gonaturalpharmacy.com
  • Taste, Smell, Look: Very huge, sticky, light green buds with orange hairs and trichomes. It’s very pungent and potentcitric acid, sweetness, diesel, fresh, earthiness, spices, large dense buds, lime green, resin packed

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Buy Og kush Online

Buy Og kush Online makes up the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties, but in spite of its ubiquity, its genetic origins remain a mystery. Popular myth maintains that Chemdawg and Hindu Kush parented OG Kush, passing on the distinct “kush” bud structure we see in many strains today. However, weBuy og kush online can’t be sure because Buy Og kush Online  first came from bag seed in the early 90s. The earliest propagators (now known as Imperial Genetics) are said to have brought the seeds out of Florida to Colorado and southern California, where it now flourishes. There are many different phenotypes of OG Kush, some of which include Tahoe OG, SFV OG, and Alpha OG.

Buy Og kush Online  is cherished for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria. It carries an earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants. With OG Kush, patients most commonly cite improvements in migraines, ADD/ADHD, and stress disorders.


Buy Og kush Online Go Natural Pharmcy is best online store for great-value, high THC, medical marijuana, feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. You’ll find the dankest and stickiest pot strains available from around the world with heirloom landrace breeds, potent hybrids and classic Dutch genetics all available at Go Natural Pharmcy . So whether you want interesting new hybrids or you’re looking to find high quality Kush, Haze, Northern Lights or AK47 seeds you’ve come to the right place.

Buy Og kush Online

Buy Og kush Online We stock seeds from breeders who focus on the medical and well-being properties of cannabis, so if you’re looking for the new, high CBD content strains from seed then we stock a wide variety of medical marijuana seeds which can help combat pain, stress and anxiety. By sourcing this great variety of cannabis strains from well respected international cannabis seed banks we at Go Natural Pharmcy ensure you can choose the right weed seed for your need. Buy Og kush Online

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